estelle - true romance

As I walked upstairs in the Lower East Side’s The Slipper Room, I could hear the calamity that comes with a high-profile photoshoot: interns bustling about, a flagrant display of Bluetooth technology, and a coterie of haute couture carefully pulled to display maximum fabulosity. I sat upstairs, watching Estelle work the venue’s vaudeville-reminiscent ambience, making it her own—a quality I’ve always admired from the 34 year-old British singer-songwriter. As she came upstairs I kept repeating to myself: “Don’t cough on her,” and don’t ask her, “Have you been to Brooklyn and identified what’s good?” a la her 2008 smash hit “American Boy” featuring Kanye West. She already pierced the Top 40 soundscape with the aforementioned collaboration, and the UK star is preparing to release her latest studio effort, True Romance. I sat down with Estelle in the venue’s dressing room (which was the size of an Ugg Boot), but her charm and grace turned it into a truly memorable sit down...READ MORE.

Published on in 2014.