Few things are worse -- like natural disasters or emails typed in Comic Sans -- than facing the reality that many feel inclined to corroborate the stereotypes bore by society. Especially in our media-inundated age and the ubiquity of social media apps utilized to amplify the monotony of daily life. Look, I'm quite open about my status as a pariah of the NYC gay community. I don't listen to country pop amalgamation sensation Taylor Swift and the only time I've uttered 'YAAASSS' was when I got my tax return because I could finally afford a dinner that wasn't a rogue M&M found at the bottom of my tote bag. I want to make it abundantly clear that there is nothing wrong with idolizing female pop icons (I totally have a slew of Beyoncé on my iPod), I'm just saying that my heroes are Joan Jett and Iggy Pop. However, it's unequivocally clear that these stereotypes have festered into unspoken axioms that govern the NYC gay scene...READ MORE.

Published on in September 2014.