Stop Putting a Stigma on Uncircumcised Cock

I'm uncircumcised -- or as some of you may call it: "rolling up the sleeves of a sweater," "getting the turtle out of the shell," or, "breakin' a sweat to get to the head." Okay, I made that last one up and I know, it's terrible, but I'm owning up to it! Just like I'm owning up to being uncut. I grew up in a Polish household; we sang "Sto Lat" when it was someone's birthday, celebrated Wigilia by consuming an endless chasm of pierogis, and had a communal industrial-size bottle of peroxide underneath the bathroom sink to facilitate a visible increase in our natural blonde highlights because we were too cheap to go to the salon. In a way, I was quite underexposed to American culture despite growing up in suburban New Jersey, which is why until I became sexually active, thought every male penis looked like mine...READ MORE.

Published on in 2015.